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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Catfish Tips

Catfish Tips

I will make a confession now, I have never fished for Catfish. However, I have eaten a good number. I hope you get some good tips from the article and both videos. I think the hotdog tip was great.

I have to say that I find the prospect of getting one of those big cats on the line very special. I am looking forward to doing more research on these and I will hurry back with more information and maybe a couple more videos.

Lake Fork - A first class catfish fishery - North Texas e-News, 29 Jul 2013 03:25:00 GMT
North Texas e-NewsLake Fork - A first class catfish fisheryNorth Texas e-NewsI felt the comforting 'thud' as my bell sinker hit bottom after a 24 foot free fall through the murky depths of Lake Fork's fertile waters. Guide Seth Vanover's comfortable ...

Best Ever Catfish Fishing tip, Hot dog bait rig for Channel Blue Flathead Wels Ginch Cats
Give this bait rig tip a try. You can season your bait with Anise, Cayan or your favorite scent. Here is the link to make the tool.

Catfish Fishing
Fishing for cats on the Chickahominy Wildlife Refuge.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Asian Carp Invasion

Asian Carp Invasion

This is a clear and present danger for all of the states bordering the Great Lakes. It is a mounting danger to the fish in this area, as well as commercial and sport fisherman.

This is a complex problem that will take clear heads and unfortunately money the area does not really have to be beat this menace. It is my profound hope that smart men come together to insure the survival of the fishing in this area. So many people would be hurt if their invasion is successful.

Keeping Asian carp out of Great Lakes will require more than new ...
http://www.minnpost.comThu, 25 Jul 2013 20:40:10 GMT
Though it is being rolled out as "an unprecedented and comprehensive set of actions" to keep the Great Lakes from being colonized by Asian carp, the updated national strategy issued Wednesday is more a continuation of ...

Holy carp, these fish are trouble - Sault Star, 16 Jul 2013 19:40:00 GMT
Paris Post IntelligencerHoly carp, these fish are troubleSault StarSilver carp have an "uncanny" ability to jump over a metre high out of the water, Goucher said, adding in areas of the U.S., where the invasive species have already infiltrated, the f ...

"Silent Invaders" Asian Carp 2013
In this installment of Silent Invaders the issue of Asian Carp is tackled. There are many ideas but no solution on how to stop the Asian Carp infestation. Cu...

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bull Head Fishing

Bull Head fishing!

I can honestly say I don't like Bull heads. At the risk of sounding girlish(and not wanting to offend any of the ladies) they look creepy to me. I remember one of my friends fathers would catch them and bring them home. 

Then I watched him nail them to a board and peel them. Yep I was young impressionable and from that moment on I could not stand the slippery little critters. Sorry about that Bull head lovers but at my age it is not likely that I will change my mind.

But for the sake of those curious or wanting more information here is a couple of stories and a video for you to peruse. Enjoy and please forgive me for not sharing you feelings.

MYHRE: Iowans answer the lure of bullhead fishing - Sioux City Journal<Thu, 18 Jul 2013 05:01:01 GMT
MYHRE: Iowans answer the lure of bullhead fishingSioux City JournalYou rarely miss a bullhead bite. They swim up and gulp down the worm. You use a long-shanked hook so you can remove it from those gut-hooked horned pout. You never release a gut-hooke ...

5 Tips for Catching Giant Bullheads | Outdoor Life
http://www.outdoorlife.comFri, 05 Jul 2013 07:00:00 GMT

Bullheads are round-the-clock feeders, but nighttime is the best time to catch them. On one lake I fish, you can practically set your watch by the bite.

Bullhead Fishing How Tutorial
A quick clip on how to catch bullheads in your creeks and ponds Things you need #1 Off!! Them mosquitoes are nasty in the small creeks and ponds at night #2 ...

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Florida license Free Saturday

Florida Freshwater License Free Saturday

OK all those non  license anglers today is your chance to discover a new hobby.

Freshwater Fish License-Free Saturday « CBS Miami
http://miami.cbslocal.comSat, 08 Jun 2013 16:56:08 GMT
Have an itch to go freshwater fishing today but don't have a license? Don't worry, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation is granting you a license-free freshwater fishing all-day Saturday.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Pike fishing tips!

Well have you ever fished for Pike?

Check out the short video below. This guy makes a neat little video with good instructions and tips. He does a very nice video and pike are really fun to catch. The Pike is a great fish to go for, and they can become very large.

For more information on this fish click the link below.

How To Fish Northern Pike
How to fish for fall and winter northern pike Location Technique & FISH! Equipment used: St Croix Legend Xtreme 7'2 MH Moderate action. 30-40lb Power Pro Bra...