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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Catfish Tips

Catfish Tips

I will make a confession now, I have never fished for Catfish. However, I have eaten a good number. I hope you get some good tips from the article and both videos. I think the hotdog tip was great.

I have to say that I find the prospect of getting one of those big cats on the line very special. I am looking forward to doing more research on these and I will hurry back with more information and maybe a couple more videos.

Lake Fork - A first class catfish fishery - North Texas e-News, 29 Jul 2013 03:25:00 GMT
North Texas e-NewsLake Fork - A first class catfish fisheryNorth Texas e-NewsI felt the comforting 'thud' as my bell sinker hit bottom after a 24 foot free fall through the murky depths of Lake Fork's fertile waters. Guide Seth Vanover's comfortable ...

Best Ever Catfish Fishing tip, Hot dog bait rig for Channel Blue Flathead Wels Ginch Cats
Give this bait rig tip a try. You can season your bait with Anise, Cayan or your favorite scent. Here is the link to make the tool.

Catfish Fishing
Fishing for cats on the Chickahominy Wildlife Refuge.

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