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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Trout Fishing in Michigan

Trout Fishing on Michigan Rivers

Although I grew up in Michigan and my first duty in the morning is to read the Detroit News Online, I don't want to move back there. 

That said I really enjoy going there in the Spring,Summer or Fall. I have lived in many states but I believe Michigan is one of our most beautiful states. The rivers and lakes in this state are beautiful. 

Todays post is about trout fishing in Michigan, particularly on rivers in Michigan. I hope you enjoy the post's. Trout is the first fish that I intentionally tried to catch when I was growing up. There was a small pond close to home and we did our best to catch the trout that was stocked in this pond.

I remember one of my older brothers had a creek running through his property and there was always trout there and some were huge. Those same trout were stubborn and I can still remember dragging the bait across their back and them just laying there. I was very young at the time and it was the wrong time of the year. 

Enjoy the post and I will see you soon!

Michigan Fly Fishing |
http://flyfishwesternpa.comTue, 23 Jul 2013 17:08:00 GMT
IMG_1163 I recently had the opportunity to revisit the great Ausable River in Michigan, this river holds trophy brown trout of large abundance. The quality of these fish easily outweighs the quantity, with Brown Trout averaging ...

Check the fish but also look at the terrific scenery!

Michigan Spring Trout Fishing
Here's an 8-minute video of the Michigan rivers I fished - and the trout I caught - in the spring of 2013. I love Michigan rivers!

Trout fishing with Jim Bedford - Michigan Out-of-Doors TV
2013 - A late spring fishing trip with one of the best trout fisherman in Michigan, Jim Bedford. As seen on Michigan Out-of-Doors TV.

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