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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Walleye fishing tips!

Here is a good article with fishing tips for catching Walleye's

I really enjoyed the fishing tips in this article. I can remember catching these guy's at the top of dam when I was a young man. They are a nice battle and a great looking fish.

I always like watching the video's  like the one below. These people make it look so easy. So we watch them hoping a light bulb goes off and we can duplicate their success. At least we can hope, but fishing is like golf, you normally have a little victory and it keeps you coming back.

Hope you enjoyed the post and would welcome your thoughts.

Spring Walleye: How to Catch them! | U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance
http://www.ussportsmen.orgThu, 23 May 2013 13:01:58 GMT
Spring fishing season is upon us, and with that many of you are spending weekends in your favorite fishing spot hoping to land that trophy fish. All anglers have their favorite fish species to catch; however, walleye are often a ...

How To Catch Walleye - 6 Different Ways
There are many ways to catch Walleye aside from using jigs and live minnows and this video shows 6 different techniques. Some of the lures used in this video...

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